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Explain to me what HTMX is

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htmx is a javascript library that makes it easy to build modern web applications with html. it's a thin layer on top of the browser's built-in features...

How do I swap the HTML of an element on click?

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to swap the html of an element after clicking on it you can use hx-swap="outerHTML" like so

<div hx-swap="outerHTML">
I'm about to be swapped!

clicking on the div will swap it's contents with the contents of the hx-swap attribute

Stack Knowledge

HTMX & Hyperscript.js

Trained on the source code of HTMX and Hyperscript. Docs are a thing of the past

What's your favorite meme about HTMX?

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lol this one's pretty good


Memes & Lore

Trained on Twitter, Built for laughs

Trained on thousands of tweets, stocked with memes, and knows the origins of past HTMX trends

How sweet it is



Acts most like the official HTMX Twitter, prioritizing humor over everything else. Talks in a more serious manner when teaching you how to code in HTMX or Hyperscript.

Professor Carson

Acts like Carson Gross, the Creator of HTMX and Hyperscript. Talks like a professor / technical documentation (same thing), and is the best option for learning HTMX/Hyperscript


Senior Programmer packed with caveman vibes all the way. Shares great coding advice, stone-age humor, and how to kidnap a Bison with Laser Eyes.


Gotta get that influencer money somewhere

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Senior Developer DM your card details to @htmx_org
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